Community Bank

Community Bank to construct the Ralph J. Sommers, Jr Operations Center

Community Bank took a big step forward on July 20th with the groundbreaking and announcement of a multimillion dollar, 22,500 square-foot consolidated operations center named for Board Chairman Ralph J. Sommers, Jr.

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Community Bank Celebrates Its 115 Anniversary, Founded On The Principle Of Neighbor Helping Neighbor

Founded on July 1, 1901, we celebrate this milestone as a locally operated financial institution, because of the loyalty we and our community partners have shown each other. It required hard work, trust and open communications to our original pledge.

Consumer Tip June 2016: Natural Disaster Preparedness

While we may never know for certain when a natural disaster will strike, you can minimize damage and risk of harm by being prepared.

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Hot Off The Press... The Community Bank Business Alliance Spring 2016 Newsletter Is Now Available!

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Consumer Tip May 2016: The Importance of Your Credit Score

Unlock the mystery and learn more to find some basic tips and information to give you a better understanding of your credit score.

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Time to start thinking SPRING!!!

It's never too early to start planning for spring. Looking for a new home? Planning an addition? Or maybe remodeling? Community Bank has the right loan for you, please let one of our experienced lenders help you.

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Consumer Tip April 2016: Coach Your Children to Financial Literacy

April is National Financial Literacy Month. It's the perfect time to start talking to your children about financial education and basic money matters.

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You can NEVER be too careful when it comes to your bank accounts and credit cards

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