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A New Home or Remodeling Your Current Home?

If a new home or remodeling your current home is in your future, talk with the mortgage specialists at Community Bank. Apply online today for a quick response! We offer personalized service and a stress-free experience!

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Consumer Tip March 2017: How to Prevent Elder Financial Abuse

Financial fraud continues to be the fastest growing form of elder abuse. As the senior population in this country increases, so do the financial crimes committed against these vulnerable and trusting individuals.

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Consumer Tip February 2017: Finding the Right Balance in Your Finances

Budgeting is about more than paying bills - it's about determining how much you spend and on what, and what is the 50-20-30 rule?

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Consumer Tip January 2017: Rising Interest Rates Present Opportunities & Challenges

The Federal Reserve raised interest rates for just the second time in the last seven years. Consumers should consider the potential impact that a rising interest rate environment can have on their wallets. These tips are intended to help you do just that.

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Consumer Tip December 2016: Plan Now to Save in 2017

During the holiday season most people focus on spending, not saving. These helpful tips will get you headed in the right direction.

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Consumer Tip November 2016: Take Control of Your Debt

While it can be surprisingly easy- and often fun- to get into debt, it's much more difficult and takes longer to get out. Here are tips that can help you take control of your debt and get on the road to financial success.

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Giving Savers More Reasons To Smile

Check out the great rate of 1.25% APY on our Community Choice 25 Month CD Special, or stop into any Community Bank office today to learn about two great offers with one great rate.

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Consumer Tip September 2016: How to Prevent Senior Fraud

As the senior population in this country continues to grow, so do the financial crimes committed against them. Scammers prey on the vulnerability, trusting nature and, often, the loneliness that makes seniors an easy target.

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Yahoo Data Breach? Please Watch This Informative Video

Was your information exposed in the Yahoo data breach? Change your Yahoo password right away. Then, check out this new data breach video from the FTC.

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IRS Imposter Scams On The Rise

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the government agency that collects federal taxes. Scammers pretend to be IRS Officials to get you to send them money.

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Consumer Tip August 2016: Know Your Financial Vocabulary

While the financial world is full of acronyms and other terms that can be confusing, it’s important to be well versed.

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Community Bank to construct the Ralph J. Sommers, Jr Operations Center

Community Bank took a big step forward on July 20th with the groundbreaking and announcement of a multimillion dollar, 22,500 square-foot consolidated operations center named for Board Chairman Ralph J. Sommers, Jr.

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Consumer Tip July 2016: Are You Ready For Online Bill Pay

While paying your bills is never fun, paying them online makes it a much easier process. Online bill pay has become much more popular in recent years, mostly due to convenience.

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