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Business Banking with a personal touch.

In an increasingly competitive business environment, Community Bank gives you a competitive edge.

BusinessADVANTAGE is a comprehensive suite of commercial loans, credit accounts and cash management services, as well as special services like financial wealth management, online banking and free online bill paying.

A Community Bank Commercial Relationship Officer will be personally assigned to your account to offer advice and assist you in tailoring our products and services to ideally suit your company's needs.

Community Bank makes BusinessADVANTAGE a powerful new member of your business team.


Business Advantage 

Community Bank’s Advantage is for businesses with low to moderate volume account activity and offers:

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Business Advantage Plus 

Community Bank's Advantage Plus is for businesses with moderate to high volume account activity and offers:

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Business Analysis Checking

Community Bank’s Business Checking Plus+ is for businesses with  high volume account activity and offers:

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Business Sweep Accounts 

Community Bank’s Sweep Account is a specialty business product that is actually two accounts:

  1. Business Checking Account 
    This non-interest bearing Business Checking Account will allow you to write checks and use its services in the usual manner.
  2. Investment Account 
    All amounts in your Business Checking Account in excess of a predetermined amount are automatically swept (in $1,000 increments) each business night into an investment account that earns a high rate of interest. The interest earned is deposited back into the Business Checking Account on a daily basis.

These funds are not FDIC Insured and are collateralized by other investments.


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