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To learn more about Community Bank’s Cash Management Services or to sign up today, contact your local Community Bank Branch or the Cash Management Specialists at 724-966-3222.

Internet Banking Plus+

Community Bank’s secure and reliable Internet Banking Plus+ service provides account and information management 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Examples of Internet Banking Plus+ services include:

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Merchant Services

Credit card processing is an integral part of a company’s day-to-day activities. With the increase of credit card issuance, the need for merchants to accept MasterCard/VISA has never been greater.

Community Bank offers credit card, debit card, check processing, and support of Point of Sale systems for merchants who want to grow.Merchant Services

Companies who use Community Bank’s Merchant Services Program will receive a review of current costs, a free cost analysis, a local reference list, education on Community Bank’s products and services, and local support and service. Community Bank offers ongoing personal support, as well as highly competitive discount rates and equipment costs.

The Merchant Service Program is a fast and simple operation with programs designed for specific industries with customized programs for:

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Remote Deposit

The Convenient Way to Manage Your Deposits.

Take advantage of the convenient Remote Deposit services at Community Bank to expedite your check depositing processes.

With our Remote Deposit, clients can easily scan checks, capture images, MICR and other data, and securely transmit a digital deposit to Community Bank- eliminating the need to physically transport checks.

Almost any business that accepts checks for payment can benefit from Community Bank’s Remote Deposit services:

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How It Works

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Wire Transfers, ACH / Electronic Payment Services

Community Bank offers wire transfers and ACH/Electronic payment services that are secure, convenient and easy to use

These services allow our business customers to:

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