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  1. What is Digital Wallet?
  2. Digital Wallet is a secure and convenient way for Community Bank cardholders to make a non-cash payment using compatible mobile devices online, instore, and within apps. 

  3. How secure is Digital Wallet?
  4. Digital Wallet does not store your real debit card number. A unique token is assigned so your card is securely stored. 

  5. Which Community Bank Debit cards can I link to the Digital Wallet?
  6. You can link both your personal and business Community Bank debit cards. 

  7. What if my physical Community Bank debit card is lost or stolen?
  8. You can immediately cancel your card by contacting Community Bank at 833 648 0069. 

  9. Will merchants receive my physical card number?
  10. No, your Digital Wallet assigns a unique token. Your Digital Wallet will use this unique token when a purchase is made. 

  11. Is there a charge to use Digital Wallet?
  12. Community Bank does not charge a fee to use your Digital Wallet. 

  13. What if I receive a new debit with an updated expiration date?
  14. If you receive a new card, you will need to go into your Digital Wallet, delete your existing card, and add the new card. 

  15. If I erase my mobile device or get a new phone, can I continue to use my physical debit card?
  16. Erasing the information on your mobile device will not impact your physical debit card. You can simply follow the instructions in your Digital Wallet to re-add your debit card. 

  17. What if a merchant requires me to enter a PIN?
  18. Requiring a PIN is at the merchant’s discretion. Your PIN is the same one you use for debit card transactions. 

  19. Why is my Digital Wallet prompting me to call 844-646-5465 to finish registering my debit card?
  20. If Community Bank does not have a valid mobile phone number or email on file, 844 646 5465 is the activation and tier 1 support line. 

  21. Are cardholders required to use mobile banking to use a Digital Wallet?
  22. No, it is not required to be enrolled in mobile banking. 

  23. What do Digital Wallet transactions look like on my statement?
  24. Transactions using your Digital Wallet will appear the same way as your physical debit card.

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